It is specialized in creating cosmetics filing for the company and providing a one-stop cosmetics registration solution
Mature technology, high-quality service and fair price
Professional in cosmetic filing
It’s not enough to do cosmetics filing quickly. We provide one-stop after-sales service. One cooperation, long-term best friend!
Fast filing
Get the filing number quickly and smoothly.
One to one professional guidance
According to your product category, the senior engineer will design and customize the composition evaluation for you, and then do the cosmetics filing declaration until your product obtains the filing number.
Multiple guarantees
Product whole project analysis, 9 routine tests, and detection of prohibited substances.
Cosmetic Filing Service Process
Provide you with a cosmetics registration platform
About Us
Provide all-round technical guidance and professional regulations consulting services
Kaizheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Kaizheng Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to providing professional compliance consulting services and listing solutions for overseas cosmetics enterprises. We apply for filing for imported and domestic ordinary cosmetics and administrative license approval for special cosmetics, and successfully obtain filing certificates for hundreds of brands and thousands of products at home and abroad.

Compliance consultation covers product classification, formula evaluation, label declaration review, product registration and filing, regulatory early warning and training. In addition, it provides import agency services and small amount of product centralized transportation and delivery services for foreign small cosmetics enterprises.
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